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Keffcy Chan (KFC)

Investor Relations

Keffcy Chan is a licensed financial planner with 15 years of experience in wealth and risk management, and estate planning. Currently she is holding a position as Investor Relations of The Express Train SDN Bhd, and her main role is to create and upkeep of the company’s information database, so that investment information is readily available at times of future needs.

Known among her circles of friends and clients as "KFC" (due to her fondness of KFC food retail chain outlets), Keffcy is also creative in marketing strategy with a flair for target marketing. Other than wealth and risk management, Keffcy is leading a team of mortgage consultants, who actively advise client on mortgage loan and property valuation issues. She is sharp in providing business equity valuation, with good network with established developers, property agencies, property valuers, bankers and lawyers.

She obtained her Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her upbringing as a "King Scout" has made her tough in solving business challenges. Her adventurous spirit drove her to become a self-employed entrepreneur since she graduated from university. Her motto is "Do your best in your enthusiastic career".