Visit Malaysia 2020

Have you been to Malaysia? If yes, you have to visit again. If no, get set, you can’t miss 2020.

Come See Malaysia: Visit Malaysia Year 2020

Have you been to Malaysia? If yes, you have to visit again. If no, get set, you can’t miss 2020.

Why? Because 2020 is another Visit Malaysia (VM) Year. Malaysia is set to host over 30 million tourists from around the world with a projected goal of RM100 billion in tourist receipts. VM2020, with the slogan ‘Visit Malaysia Truly Asia’, promises to be exceptional.

The multi-coloured theme and logo, captured in the blue, red and yellow colours of the national flag, with style inspired by Malaysia batik, represents the message of VM2020.

The logo elements, including the rhinoceros hornbill, a symbol of the rich Malaysian natural flora and fauna, the edible wild fern, reflecting the uniqueness of Malaysian cuisine, and the hibiscus flower or bunga raya, translated literally as ‘flower of celebration’ together highlights the national celebration mood for VM2020.

Photo by CK Yeo / Unsplash

According to Tourism Malaysia, Visit Malaysia 2020 is intended to bring ‘out the best of what Malaysia has to offer to the world in a single, event-packed year’. There are multiple reasons to come to this beautiful and quiet nation; its loud and rich colours, rich cultural and religious heritage, its welcoming citizens and alluring natural resources are all factors that draw millions to this nation.

In addition to these, are the unlimited cuisines that are the hallmark of the nation. From the national signature dish, Nasi Lemak, to several curry dishes and Chinese soups and stir fried dishes, you can never be in want of some new dish to try out when you are in Malaysia.

The rich international community also mean that you get to meet people from everywhere on the globe, and try out dishes from every continent. Wherever you stand in Malaysia, you can trust there is a restaurant a few meters away. This, and the Malaysian greeting, ‘Sudah Makan?’, literally translated ‘have you eaten?’ together highlights not the value placed on food in this nation, but also the fact that one can never go hungry in Malaysia. The awesome weather, beautiful landscape, historical locations, museums, parks, beaches, highlands, islands, and oceans are worth criss-crossing to the other side of the planet for.

Photo by Fahrul Azmi / Unsplash

VMY is targeted at showing the best of Malaysia to the outside world; it is a bold display of the successes and challenges of this blossoming South-East Asian nation. Following the successful maiden VM1990, subsequent VM years were held in 1994, 2007, and 2014. In each of these years, Malaysia welcomed over 20 million tourists from around the world, and grossed several billions Ringgit Malaysia in tourist receipts.

From the theme ‘Fascinating Malaysia’ (VM1990), upgraded to ‘Fascinating Malaysia. Naturally More’ (1994), and then ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ (2007), and ‘Celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia’ (2014), the 2020 slogan, ‘Visit Malaysia Truly Asia’ continues to underscore the rich diversity of the Malaysian people and its heritage.

With 30 million tourists expected in Malaysia in 2020, the year promises to be an awesome and fun-filled one. Come and see this beautiful treasure hidden in the southern Asian region. So much awaits tourists in 2020. Don’t miss it. Welcome to VM2020. Welcome to Visit Malaysia. Welcome to Malaysia. See you soon!

A cook handles half a dozen clay pots for his waiting customers. The ambers take flight at quick speeds, but the cook is not phased.
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