Melvin “Overkill” & Jihin “ ShadowCat” Vibe Out Positivity

Melvin “Overkill” & Jihin “ ShadowCat” Vibe Out Positivity

The Xpress Train,organised a talk show by inviting the superstars of the day Jihin “ShadowCat” Radzuan And Melvin “Overkill” Yeoh. Throughout this talk show series, The Xpress Train open up the doors of opportunity to the Gen Y and Gen Z in the hope of inspiring and encourage creative and active entrepreneurs in Malaysia. As a stepping stone, The Xpress Train will be organising a monthly series called “Build, Launch & Grow Your Dreams” starting from March 2019.

Mr. Edwin Loh, CEO of The Xpress Train said, “I hope this campaign will be fruitful for the Malaysian as to inspire, nurture and pursue their dreams by meeting the prominent people around Malaysia”. On the other hand, Jihin and Melvin rock the stage by sharing their experiences and challenges that had went through in order to be the rising stars.

As a young, vibrant female mixed martial arts fighter, Jihin is breaking the stereotype and giving women of all ages a credible sporting role model to look up to. Jihin believes women are not weaker sex in anyone’s eye and people should not be a hindrance for the female who wish to pursue their dreams in mixed martial arts.

Jihin had overcome many obstacles in her life, starting right from her family as she came from a dysfunctional family background. Through the thick and thin of her life journey, Jihin made a decision that she wants to be someone, that people will keep soaring her name higher and higher. This is where she start to step in the Ultimate MMA Academy, and now she is in the place that she desired for. “ If you want to give up, think of the Day 1 that you have started off and the reasons you have joined in that activity” said Jihin.

“I know my achievements and accomplishments have motivated individuals to get the game.” said Jihin “I’m touched for making my path of the journey as your source of inspiration.”

In addition, Melvin, Jihin’s coach feels proud of Jihin achievements in this very young age, as she was the youngest athlete represented Malaysia in ONE Championship. “Now I see many women who are interested and getting involved in martial arts for self-defense purpose. It’s a great move.” said Melvin.

Melvin strongly believes that each individual should train like they are in the second rank although he/she has faced multiple victories. “This is because people from the behind will start chasing you in order to gain victories more than what you had,” mentioned Melvin. In order with that, each individual should maintain their focus towards their mission and objective to achieve their goals.

On pursuit for greatness and to deliver another memorable performance, “Shadow Cat” is hoping to get a chance to fight in Tokyo.

“I’m all set to go all the way down and make my country proud,” she says