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There are 60 reasons why entrepreneurship is attractive to a lot of people.


In this day and age, it seems as though everyone, and their neighbour next door, is an entrepreneur. Due to the powerful presence of the Internet and multiple social media platforms, it has become increasingly easy to start a business that is able to quickly reach out to the target audience.

From small, home-based enterprises to technology-driven start-ups, entrepreneurship is no longer the domain of those with ready, and often large, funds. With rapid development of new technologies across many, if not all, industries, opportunities are in abundance for those who are willing to risk the challenges of owning a business for the potential economic benefit, in addition to other perks of being your own boss. According to an article in the Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific website, there 60 reasons why entrepreneurship is attractive to a lot of people.

Like any situation, the entrepreneurship coin has got two sides to it; besides the positive impact of increasing employment & driving the economic growth of the country, more businesses also translate to an increase in consumption and the gradual depletion of limited natural resources. These inadvertently lead to negative repercussions on the environment and society in general.

This being said, an entrepreneurial mindset in individuals IS important. For one, entrepreneurship is not a fad; it is here to stay. As competition increases, it is imperative for aspiring entrepreneurs to not only possess the necessary characteristics, knowledge and skills in order to be successful, they also have to have to be mindful of the need to govern their actions with a sense of responsibility towards all their stakeholders that include, but is not limited to, their internal & external customers, society in general and the environment.

Being responsible is never a choice, especially in business. It is a requirement. Nonetheless, many in the business world have sacrificed this critical element by trading it off for monetary gains, although more businesses are now more conscious of the long-term effects of irresponsible commercial decisions and actions. So, how do we secure our planet’s future and that of her inhabitants as we move forward in a global economy driven by entrepreneurs?

Parents must recognise that every young child should be encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that is framed by a strong sense of responsibility. This will enable them to acquire practical skills to navigate life more effectively and efficiently whilst at the same time, bringing their awareness to the impact (positive and negative) their actions have on others. When such life values are taught an early age, these are internalised and becomes second nature. As they become adults, having a sense of responsibility will not be a foreign concept; it is a part of who they are and that will in turn determine their actions – as an entrepreneur AND as a person who adds value to others regardless of their career choice.

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