Gen-Z: What lies ahead

The specific years of Gen-Zers can differ based on who is determining it, as well as based on country or continent.

Josephine Edwards

Just for the record, the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines Generation Z as the generation of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The specific years of Gen-Zers can differ based on who is determining it, as well as based on country or continent.

But, our focus today is not necessarily on the definition of the Generation Z, but rather on what the adult life of Gen-Zers would look like following the resolution of the COVID19 crisis.

At the moment, we are all experiencing a snippet of what life might look like in the years to come. It does seem like we will stay at home more than we go out, we will do more online shopping than physical shopping, many of us will work from home. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Let’s look deeply into some of the areas of life in which the Generation Z will face major changes to lifestyle:

  1. Work: As can already be seen from the lockdown situation in many countries, so many jobs can actually be effectively done from home. This means that many organizations will have little or no need for their employees to be physically present. This would have an implication for so many other work-related concerns. For instance, since employees do not need to be present, then business can employ qualified people to work from a foreign country. If this becomes a norm, then it would also directly affect employment laws in many countries. The possibilities are endless. For Gen-Zers, the world would really become a global village in its truest sense.
  2. Leisure & Entertainment: Introducing the generations who cannot live with themselves, but will be forced to learn how to entertain themselves. Because, with the trajectory of current happenings, many Gen-Zers will spend more time indoors than they do outdoors. And therefore, instead of going out to have fun, fun will come to find them in their homes. We have already seen hints of this happening, with online film festivals, online DJs, online Comic Con parties, online movie nights. At this rate, the only thing this generation would need to go out for would be to walk the dog.
  3. Sport & Fitness: Gyming and fitness are a very major part of the Gen-Z identity. The new trend will not be able to stop that. Instead, home gyms will become bigger and commercial gyms may not be as popular anymore. Outdoor games will still be popular, but they just might become exclusive, and not free for all as we have them presently.
  4. Relationships: Relationships will not be affected negatively by the new trend, but things might change. Hangouts might just get replaced by house-parties, sleepovers and online hangouts. Ever heard of Zoom dates and Facetime dates? That might just become the norm. Interesting times are ahead of us.

There are so many other ways in which the lives of Generation Z will change drastically. We’ve talked about some which many of us may not have realized will experience major changes. However, it is not so much about the changes as it is about how we can stay productive even as things become vastly different.