(Should you take an enrichment course?)

Should you take an enrichment course?

Traditionally, the answer to this question would have been something along the lines of, “what are you? 12?” This is because enrichment classes are mostly associated with school aged children.

But before we forge ahead, what exactly are enrichment courses? These refer to classes which are taken outside of the traditional school curriculum. This means that there is no syllabus, no final exams and an enrichment course is most probably not recognized by the Ministry of Education.

So why then would anyone choose to spend time on an enrichment course? The answer is simple. Enrichment courses serve to teach certain skills and impart certain knowledge which are essential in life but which schools will not teach. For example, students may learn about music in primary or secondary school, but the actual application of that knowledge to a musical instrument only happens with a private tutor? Right? That class with the private teacher is an enrichment class.

But then, enrichment courses don’t always have to be individual. Many group enrichment classes also exist. For instance, enrichment classes on the subject of public speaking are better held in groups rather than individually.

But, at this point, let us go back to our original question. Should you as a grown-up, working-age adult take enrichment courses? The answer is an absolute, 100% yes, without a doubt. “Why?”, you may ask. Enrichment courses, as the name implies, serve to enrich your life, ie, to add value to certain areas of your life.

Personally, you gain a new skill, a new hobby perhaps. You now have something that gives you an upper hand when you get together with your family or friends. Professionally, you have something new and useful to add to your CV. That’s right. You can add details about an enrichment class you have taken to your resume. What’s more, nowadays, enrichment classes designed for adults now have certificates attached to them, so you can have evidence to show your (potential) boss.

So, are you ready to take an enrichment class? There are so many different kinds of enrichment courses out there, ranging from fishing to graphic design to baking to basket weaving. They cater to all demographics. (Here at KOTO Association, we offer enrichment classes that can also help boost your professional lives. Find out more about our enrichment classes.). Find one which is in line with your interests and/or your goals, and we’ll see you at the top.