How we can help you

We help you make consistent improvements to grow your business towards success and sustainability.


Establish and develop your business over a period of time


Introduce your new product or service to the market for the first time


Develop and expand your business over the horizon


Venture Builder

The Xpress Train helps individuals or entrepreneurs to Build, Launch & Grow their products or idea.

At The Xpress Train, we have 3 tracks of venture building:

  • The first track focuses on startups, cultivating and nurturing innovative ideas into profitable ventures.
  • The second focuses on existing business, by understanding their pain points and developing solutions for those pain points.
  • The third track comprises the task of working with existing businesses in order to think of and develop new ways to scale them.

KOTO is an online/offline association where members learn, know and acquire knowledge with a token, teach, train and impart it on others with benefit.

KOTO Association is a social enterprise business model. Non-commercial benefit association.

The association is in three folds
  • KOTO Venture builder Association,
  • KOTO Makers Association, and
  • KOTO Sport Association

KOTO Association

Another community project by The Xpress Train

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Josephine Edwards | May 10, 2020
2 min read time
The specific years of Gen-Zers can differ based on who is determining it, as well as based on country or continent.


Josephine Edwards | Apr 21, 2020
2 min read time
The isolation economy, a concept which seems to be the new world order now that COVID-19 has changed everything..

(Should you take an enrichment course?)

Josephine Edwards | Apr 3, 2020
2 min read time
Should you take an enrichment course?

Our Vision

To be the top Venture Builder in ASEAN

Be “the place to go” for a wide range of business services and facilities. To create jobs and a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Iskandar Puteri.

Set up satellite studios in all the major KTM railway stations in Malaysia and to link the different studios by regular inter-city chartered Beer Trains (but without the beer). This will help to connect entrepreneurs and investors as well as to enliven once beautiful, but now derelict and unused, heritage colonial railway buildings.

Our Mission

Software & Hardware development

Digital & Social Media marketing

Blockchain & ICO consultancy

AI & IOT solutions

To help our customers Build, Launch & Grow their ideas or products and to build an offline & online ecosystem that re-defines the way our customers live, learn, work and play.